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Air Conditioner Noise

Air Conditioner Noise

Air conditioner noise is a problem that affects a great many people. If your ac unit is creating a lot of noise, this affects not only yourself but your neighbors as well. Before we get into ways to reduce or block this noise, let’s talk about what makes air conditioners so noisy.

Generally speaking, the source of AC noise comes down to vibration. The compressor in an ac unit creates a great deal of vibration, and this vibration will create noise at varying intensities, depending on how well the connection points have been insulated within the unit.

Whether you have a central air system with interior ducting or a mini-split system with an outdoor compressor/condenser and an interior evaporator, vibrational noise is going to be an issue. Air-cooled condensers usually consist of a compressor, coil, expansion valve and a fan. The compressor creates high sound pressure waves and these can increase over time as the moving components (motor and valves) start to wear down. This problem is further exacerbated when the insulating pads placed at the connection points begin to wear down as well.

This vibrational noise is not something that can be resolved by making changes to the compressor’s connection points, as the compressor tends to be inaccessibly housed within the unit itself. This leaves isolating the entire AC unit, which we will discuss in the solutions section of this page.

Common Complaints

One of the most common complaints about air conditioner noise is that it disrupts sleep. This represents a serious problem given the fact that numerous health issues have been tied to loss of sleep, with some research suggesting a link between nighttime environmental noise exposure and cardiovascular disease. Even low-level noise can have an impact on health due to sleep disturbance.

Excessive air conditioner noise can also lead to legal issues when the air conditioner noise becomes too much for your neighbors to bear. Whether it is a visit from the police or an anonymous noise complaint that results in a fine, these legal problems can all be avoided by applying the right solution to this troublesome noise source.

Given the dangers that air conditioner noise presents to yourself and those around you, coupled with the legal issues that can arise from it, finding a solution that reduces air conditioner noise is extremely important.

Air Conditioner Noise Solutions

Are you experiencing a problem like the hum or whining of residential air conditioners? If so Acoustiblok has the solution. Our AWSP, AcoustiFence, Blok16 and QF-2 have resolved thousands of situations like this. The unique abilities of these products allow for simple, high performance, noise reduction solutions for the common problem of noisy air conditioners in or around a home.

Outside the Home

For air conditioner noise outside your home, our patented AWSP’s (All Weather Sound Panels) not only act as a sound isolation barrier, but also have a high level of sound absorption. This aids in reducing the overall noise level around air conditioners. Small, attractive, sustainable walls can be created to visually and audibly conceal unsightly air conditioners. If your budget commands a more cost effective solution, Acoustifence fits the bill.

Acoustifence is ¼” thick, flexible barrier with some unique attributes. Acoustifence has high levels of internal damping. This means it dissipates the sound energy within it’s own mass extremely well. Just add it to an existing fence and hear the magic. On average you can cut the noise level in half! If you feel you need more reduction, it’s easy to add QF-2 to absorb more of the sound around your air conditioners.

QF-2 is a sound absorption material that comes in large slabs making it simple to cut, shape, and install. Quiet Fiber is hydrophobic, mold and mildew resistant and has an NRC of 1.0. That means, sound that initially strikes QF-2 does not reflect back toward the noise source. This is how it reduces the effects of boundaries or surfaces around your air conditioners. Ultimately lowering the noise level around the air conditioners.

Inside the Home

For air conditioner noise inside your home, Blok16 can be utilized to reduce the noise from your air conditioning handler rooms. We have all experienced when an air conditioner kicks on and off in a house. Usually you can hear the large fan in the air handler room or closet. It’s a sort of rumbling noise caused from resonance of the fan inside the handler itself. Just line the backside of the room or closet’s door with a curtain of Blok16 and say good-bye to that annoying roar of the handler.

For even more reduction just insert some Quiet Fiber in the room that the handler resides in.

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