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Automotive Interior Noise

Want your older vehicle to sound more like the interior of a new Mercedes or Lexus? Or maybe you just need to sound deaden some of the road noise coming though the floor pan of your ride. Well the same attributes that make Acoustiblok great for sound reduction in buildings make it great for vehicle applications.

Blok16 & Blok8 are two products that can do the job. Both of them can be laminated directly to the vehicles metal panels to damp the metal and block some of the unwanted resonance that makes its way into your interior. Acoustiblok can also be laminated to the inside of your doors to help reduce the wind noise that travels down the body of your vehicle. Acoustiblok can be laminated to the inside of the outer skin of the doors, and also be laminated directly to your doors behind your interior door panel. This in itself promotes a dramatic difference in interior noise levels. 

For audio enthusiasts, Acoustiblok is essential in creating better enclosures for your door speakers. Acoustiblok minimizes the hollow sounding resonance of doors that can be passed directly through the cone of your speakers. This is a trick of the trade so to speak. This treatment alone will help you get the full potential out of the engineering that went into those high performance speaker components you purchased. 

Acoustiblok is also a great addition to the inside of your subwoofer enclosures. Acoustiblok adds the crucial mass needed to lower the natural resonance that may be perceivable from the construction materials that your speaker enclosure is made of. Remember adding Blok16 is like lining the enclosure with lead in terms of added mass. The less flex and resonance you have from your enclosure promotes more energy and tonal linearity perceived in the interior of your vehicle. 

Acoustigrip AGT-60 tape is also a great companion for securing new wiring harnesses under the carpet of your vehicle. 

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Automotive Interior Noise

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