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City living can definitely have some great advantages in terms of life style. Being close to everything that makes life so much fun and exciting has a serious draw. But the same things that make this lifestyle appealing can also have some drawbacks in terms of privacy or peace and quiet. Multi-dwellings share a lot of common walls, ceilings, and floors. All these boundaries are transmission paths for sounds and noises that you may not want to hear all the time. Acoustiblok is the ideal solution to make these types of buildings livable. Blok 16’s make up is extremely good at attenuating the audio spectrum of human dialogue through walls. The same thing can be said for all the other “noises of life” like vacuums, blenders, TV’s and more. These are all sounds that even the best neighbors could do without. 

Blok16 is installed directly to the framing of your space behind the drywall. It gets installed on all the walls, ceiling, and in some cases the floor. It becomes an airtight membrane of extreme mass and flexibility. Think of it as a sound-deadening curtain behind the drywall of your home. It dampens the walls, ceiling, and floor by lowering the natural resonance of the structure. Acoustical energy intersects Blok16 material and in turn, it excites the material by vibrating it internally. Since the material is a visco-elastic polymer, it dissipates the acoustical energy efficiently within its own mass and reduces the sound transmission to the opposite side of the wall, ceiling, or floor assembly. Acoustiblok, Blok16 in a standard gypsum wall assembly will reach an STC of 53! This is a higher STC than 12” of cast concrete (STC 51). 

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