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Marine Noise

Marine Noise

Ships, yachts, and boats of all kinds make a great way to explore our waterways, but to move these giant vessels you must have some serious horsepower and that requires large engines that produce an immense amount of energy and noise!

The majority of these vessels have inboard engine compartments that also act as resonant cavities forcing a lot of the noise from the engine directly into connected areas of the ship. Since you can’t eliminate the noise coming off the engine, you must stop it as close to the source as possible.

Acoustiblok (Blok16, Blok16a and Blok32) has many advantages for this application. First of all, it is extremely flexible which makes it easy to maneuver and manipulate into tight spots. Secondly, it has great mass and internal damping which enables it to convert acoustical energy into frictional energy, dissipating the sound into its own mass (STC 26-32) which conversely reduces the amount of sound transmission to the other areas of the ship. Last, but definitely not least, Blok16, Blok16a and Blok32 are water, mold and mildew proof. This gives you a sustainable solution that will not eventually breakdown or lose effectiveness in a harsh environment such as the open sea.

The cabins in the front of this particular ship have been enhanced for sound isolation utilizing Acoustiblok on all the interior partition walls. The effect was an incredible reduction of noise penetrating these sleeping quarters. Due to the 1/8th inch thickness, this application required no change in the design of the ship.

Crews at sea have enough stress to deal with without worrying about getting some undisturbed sleep when they get the chance. In dangerous work areas on a ship, one false move and it could be your last. A fatigued crewman is the last thing you want on deck.

The other areas that need to have an absence of noise are the common recreation and dining areas. There’s enough noise on deck during your shift. When the crew gets a break it needs to be free of the noise levels they are exposed to all day long. Their ears need to have a break as well as their bodies. Acoustiblok can help with all these areas on a commercial or industrial shipping vessel.

Acoustiblok will also S.O.S. on our personal recreation boats. If someone needs to go below for an afternoon nap, or just wants to block out the fun in the sun going on up top, Acoustiblok is the easiest and most cost effective way to treat your personal boat.

Please call us and we will put you through to one of our nautical specialists that understands your issues and can provide solutions to your noise problems.

Marine Noise

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