Sports Facilities Noise Reduction


The worst of the worst in terms of acoustical environments! These are typically a round or oval enclosed space. These venues have concrete, steel, and metal everywhere. This makes it really hard to reduce the destructive interference from all the highly reflective surfaces that exist. It’s all about reflections and angles of incidence; first reflections, second reflections, third reflections, and so on. The more reflections you can reduce in these spaces, the more you’ll perceive direct sound, increase intelligibility and experience tonal balance in terms of music and dialogue. QuietFiber (QF-2, QF-4 & QF-6)–This material is a sound reflection killer. It’s how you control the acoustical characteristics like reflections and boundary affects of your arena. QF-2 has a NRC of 1.0, QF-4 has an NRC of 1.20 and QF-6 has an NRC of 1.15. All QF series material is extremely versatile and can be applied in several orientations to give you the best sound you can get in an arena. Acoustiblok can assist you in selecting the best types of treatments for these difficult to treat environments.

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Key points to remember on Arena acoustical design

• Think about the ceiling!
• Think about the walls where they meet the ceiling!
• Thinks about underneath cantilever seating sections!
• Treat parallel concrete surfaces!
• Think in 3D not just 2D!


If your problem is reflection buildup on an indoor court, Acoustiblok’s patent pending, Quiet-Cloud Panels (QC’s) are perfect for this environment. Quiet-Cloud Panels are extremely durable, allow for horizontal or vertical orientation, and boast an STC of 29 and an NRC of 1.0 with 5-exposed sides of absorption to enhance the area effect of the panels.

Other important factors of this product are that it’s completely encased in an aircraft aluminum-perforated shell. So if a basketball, volleyball, hockey puck, or some other projectile strikes them, they’ll survive. This is not the case with standard fiberglass and fabric panels. The high-tech finish can be integrated into modern architecture seamlessly.

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Key points to remember on gymnasium acoustical design

• Think about the walls where they meet the ceiling!
• Think about mirror points near the P.A. system!
• Treat parallel concrete surfaces!
• Think in 3D not just 2D!

Pickleball Courts

An economical solution for an outdoor court or field is Acoustifence (AF-6). Acoustifence is an amazingly simple product. Acoustifence is a UV tolerant, flexible, mold resistant, reinforced ¼” thick material that has an STC of 28. It is used to block unwanted noise levels from reaching a particular point of complaints.

All you need is a chain link fence and you are off and running. Acoustifence can have mounting grommets placed in the leading edges so you can strap it directly to your fence structure, (please reference our installation guidelines for specifics).

Acoustifence is easy to disguise using our “landscapes” add on or by strategically placing some foliage in front of your Acoustifence.

AF-6 is available in black and green. It can be sized to accommodate almost any type of application.

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Key points to remember on line of sight barriers

• Edge diffraction
• Angle of incidence
• Wind speed and direction
• Elevation of receiver (of noise)
• Distance to barrier from noise, distance from barrier to receiver of noise

Shooting Ranges

Indoor and outdoor shooting ranges are full of intense, impulsive bursts of noise. If enough shooters are engaged in firing their weapons at the same time, a continuous wall of noise is created with extreme intensity at a wide band of frequencies.

For indoor ranges this generates two different issues. How to reduce the noise levels for the shooters and how to contain the noise within the range. Acoustiblok has an answer for both of these issues!  We have a shooter-booth apparatus system, and a range lane suppression system.

For outdoor ranges we also have a shooter booth apparatus that is highly sustainable for some of the harshest environments known to man. In terms of sound containment and community noise issues, we have a modular system with variable orientation that employs both high NRC values and high STC values.

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Key points to remember on shooting range acoustics• Think wide band frequency attenuation!
• Think replaceable, most treatments are not bulletproof!
• Think low “RT’s”(minimize reflection buildup)

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Fitness Studios

 Ok, when was the last time you actually thought the stereo in a fitness studio sounded good? I mean a sweet tonality that didn’t make you cringe every time the “professional” instructor gave you the instructions that you tried to understand over the ear piercing speakers and cave-like acoustical feel of the studio!!! Not a very “professional” experience huh?

The flip side of the coin is that the same over-driven; distorted, harsh sound coming from the studio can be heard through the walls next door. This doesn’t make for happy neighbors in a strip plaza! All of the above can be part of the past on your next fitness center project if you listen to Acoustiblok!

Acoustiblok should be an essential part of any strip plaza build or stand alone fitness studio. Acoustiblok products can help enhance the STC, NRC, and STI of these types of spaces. Acoustiblok has a proven track record with post-construction field data that shows the products conclusively raise the TL of construction assemblies that employ our “FC-4 system.” Acoustiblok is easy to install, scalable, and is 100% USA made!

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Key points to remember on fitness facility acoustics• Think wide band frequency attenuation! It’s more than STC alone!
• Think about more than JUST the demising wall. The entire building is connected to your neighbors!
• Think low “RT’s”(minimize reflection build-up) to increase instructor intelligibility.

Race Tracks

The 850 HP engine of NASCAR or the 1000 HP engines of F-1 are such an awesome sound to experience when your at the races. But what if you are not at the races but sitting in your living room and all you can hear is the racetrack down the street? Not so awesome!

Fortunately Acoustiblok has helped a multitude of racetracks around the country in keeping the sounds of race cars on and within their racetrack grounds.

Acousti-Fence, (AF-6) & Hurricane All Weather Sound Panels,(HAWSP’s) have been extremely successful in dealing with outdoor sound propagation from these races tracks. Our solution systems can be adapted to existing fences, used to create new stand-alone barriers or combined into hybrid systems to target specific problem areas of a track.

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Key points in racetrack sound mitigation• Wide dynamic attenuation
• Weather resistant systems
• Sustainable, high wind or hurricane rated products
• Added signage real estate for promotions and advertising


Stadiums have all kind of challenges in terms of mechanical support equipment for the facility. Maybe it’s chillers, electric motors or blowers of some kind. Whatever the noise source, Acoustiblok has got you covered.

Our Industrial All Weather Sound Panels (IAWSP’s) are second to none! We created the category out of necessity due to industry demand. Our patented panels give you the performance of a high NRC of 1.0 and an STC of 30dB. This means that not only can you reduce a sound or noise level on one side of the panel but you also gain an attenuation of 30dB through the 2” thick panel. This really helps in reducing noise levels around a bunch of mechanical components that are radiating noise.

Our outdoor noise solutions are weather resistant, sustainable, modular and built right here in the United States of America.

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Key points in stadium sound mitigation

• Modular & expandable solutions
• Sustainable construction against UV, wind & rain
• Customizable for serviceability and maintenance

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Sports Facility Noise Reduction

Sports Facilities Noise Reduction

Almost everybody enjoys a great sporting event. But sporting events can be loud and close to residential areas. This can pose a real problem for neighboring communities. If you live next door and don’t want to hear the tennis match, hockey tournament or basket ball game it would be nice if the sporting venue could control the sound that radiates from the sporting event. Another problem is that most sporting venues have horrible acoustics that make it hard to understand the announcers while music typically sounds like a big blur of noise. If you need a solution for sound isolation or reflection control for a sports venue, please feel free to contact us to speak with a sports facility specialist!