Commercial Construction Applications

Skyscraper Construction

Commercial Construction Applications – The future of our cities is in the upward direction. Multi-floored skyscrapers have long been the standard in city development. The problem is that these buildings require a lot of time, money and engineering to construct. The other known and widely ignored problem is the building’s acoustical values. One of the biggest problems in these types of structures is sound transmissions through walls, floors, ceilings, window mullions, HVAC systems and mechanical chases. If half as much effort were placed on the acoustics as those placed on the appearance of the building, we would have sustainable, acoustically isolated livable spaces in these buildings. The problem is – this is not the case!

Privacy is a huge factor in our lives. The last thing we need is our neighbor’s alarm clock waking us up an hour before we have to rise and shine! How about your neighbor’s TV at 3:00AM when you have to get up at 6:00AM? Think of a baby crying (next door) while you are having a relaxing conversation with your spouse? These are just a few of the everyday occurrences of life. Things we all forget about (maybe even ignore) when designing a building. The problem is that, after this beautiful statement of architecture is complete, real people with real life circumstances have to reside and live their lives in this structure. Acoustiblok can enhance the acoustical values of the wall, ceilings, floors and HVAC systems by isolating and blocking these everyday noises from invading your personal spaces.

Hotel Construction

Commercial Construction Applications – There is no one alive who will not openly admit they have had an issue with noise in a hotel. From a 2 to a 5 star hotel, they all have serious noise issues. J.D. Powers spearheaded a survey on the hotel industry and noise was the undisputed #1 complaint by all surveyed. This means there is a serious issue that plagues the hotel industry. Is it the lack of forethought during the conceptual stage of planning? Or the so called “value engineered” solutions imposed by the contractors? Maybe it is just the oversight of everyone involved? Whatever the cause, something needs to be done.

Acoustiblok is the solution to dramatically reduce the sound transmissions through hotel walls, ceilings and floors. The unique linear attenuation that is created when Acoustiblok is added to gypsum assemblies provides enhanced noise isolation at frequency ranges in which gypsum has inherent deficiencies. These frequency ranges are still evident with as much as four (4) layers of gypsum applied to a wall assembly. Acoustiblok changes the internal damping of the wall; it adds essential mass to the wall, enhancing its flexibility while reducing its stiffness, changing the natural resonance of the structure. This is why a wall with Acoustiblok has a more linear (without dramatic dips and peaks) transmission loss than that of multiple layers of Gypsum or hybrid designs encompassing adhesives.

Office Construction

Commercial Construction Applications – Commercial real estate can be a very competitive industry. In a land where a surplus of office space is becoming a reality, the need to offer a higher quality of build and added amenities is a must if an investor wants to capture those prospective tenants. Confidentiality is at the top of the list for today’s executives and CEO’s. With that said, does your office have a level of confidentiality on which you would be willing to stake the future of your corporation?

What if you could offer, (at a premium, of course), a level of confidentiality second to none in your new building? Do you think people would like that ? Probably yes? That is a definite “yes”. Now maybe your company just builds the shell of your new office space. That’s no reason to allow someone to come in and design an interior that will prevent high lease retention in the future. Empty buildings will not make money. The longer you can keep your tenants happy, the longer you are guaranteed a return on investment. Insist on Acoustiblok in your interior partition wall assemblies. This can be a standard, issued by the building’s owner.

Multi-Dwelling Unit

Commercial Construction Applications – Small-rise and sky-rise buildings are becoming more then just apartments and condominiums. They are becoming small urban villages with a myriad of different people living, working, and entertaining in these buildings.

The problem is that after this beautiful statement of architecture and co-habitation is complete, real people with real life situations have to reside and live out their lives in this structure. Acoustiblok can enhance the acoustical values of the walls, ceilings, floors, and HVAC systems effectively isolating and blocking the everyday noises of life from invading your privacy.

Privacy is a huge factor in all of our lives, but this is not usually recognized until we realize we don’t have any. The last thing we want is our neighbor’s alarm clock waking us up an hour before we have to rise and shine. How about the resonating drone of your neighbor’s TV at 3:00 am when you have to get up by 6:00 am? Think about a baby crying, (next door) while you’re trying to have a romantic dinner with your spouse. These are just a few of the everyday occurrences in our lives. Things forgotten about (and maybe even ignored) when buildings are designed.

This lack of privacy represents a problem that is well known, but widely ignored in such buildings. This is due to minimal, if any, acoustical elements designed into the building’s plans. The biggest acoustical issue in these types of structures is sound transmissions through walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, and mechanical systems as well as the HVAC systems. If a quarter of the effort were placed on the building’s acoustics as those placed on the appearance of the building, we would have sustainable, acoustically isolated, livable spaces in these buildings.

When Acoustiblok’s Blok 16 or Blok 32 is added to a standard wall or ceiling assembly the entire assembly gets enhanced in terms of transmission loss. By combining our proprietary isolation membrane with conventional construction materials we change the natural resonance of these assemblies. The overall sound level is reduced by as much as 85-90% when a simple layer of Acoustiblok is added to a standard wall assembly.

So before you double up on drywall or insulation and expect the builder to fix the sound issues you know you will have, please give us a call and we can let you speak to one of our multi-dwelling specialists.

Strip Plaza

Commercial Construction Applications – In today’s urban crawl of expansion, Strip Plaza’s or Village Centers are being built everywhere. You know the types of building these are. They share a common slab of concrete or multiple levels of shared concrete slabs. They share a roof or floor above them. And most of all they tend to share demising walls between each tenants space.

All of these contiguous boundaries make for high transmission of sound from one tenant to the next.

Acoustiblok is a proven enhancement to these types for structures. Acoustiblok has a very thin profile so it doesn’t eat into the leasable space under roof. Acoustiblok is an easy change order to any standard construction assembly. Acoustiblok does not require a technically advanced installation team. Your drywall or insulation contractors can be easily trained within hours and installing it the same day.

Acoustiblok’s Blok16 & Blok32 isolation systems go behind all the finished surfaces of the walls and ceilings so there isn’t any change in appearance of the leasable space. The most basic Blok16 system can yield an increase in sound isolation by as much as 60% or more depending on the frequencies of the sound being created in the adjacent tenants space. With our more advanced Blok16 systems you can get as much as 95% reduction of sound from space to space. So if you want to end the continuous calls concerning noise complaints between your tenants, please feel free to contact us so we can have you speak with one of our strip plaza specialists.


Commercial Construction Applications – In todays malls it’s not uncommon to have retailers playing music in their storefronts. When it comes to music, you may as well throw the STC ratings of construction assemblies out the window and start really looking at the TL across a third octave scale or higher! The reason being is that music has a more dynamic frequency spectrum than human dialogue.

STC is based off of a noise contour curve derived from the audibility of human dialogue through a block wall. This curve is limited in frequency to a range from 125Hz to 4kHz. Music encompasses our entire audible range from 20Hz to 20kHz.

What all this means is that music has more low and high frequency than human dialogue. STC ratings do not take these frequencies into consideration. So you have to go way above and beyond just STC to get really high performance in a demising wall or ceiling assembly. You must take all three, vibration, resonance and airborne sound into consideration.

Acoustiblok has innovative systems that handle all of this without increasing the profile of the wall like double drywall, resilient clips, etc. If you really want a proven demising wall, please contact us so you may speak with one of our mall specialists.

Commercial Construction Applications

Commercial Construction Applications

Do you need to reduce the noise impact of your construction site on the nearby community? A timely construction schedule saves time, money, and hassles. Noise can get you shut down in a flash. And if this happens, there goes your construction schedule! Everyone tends to like progress and community growth until it upsets his or her lifestyle or ability to focus. Being proactive with construction barriers that not only block unsightly construction processes and workers, but also have real acoustical functions is a step in the right direction.

Acoustiblok has the solutions. Our All Weather Sound Panels (AWSP’s) and Acoustifence (AF-6) have resolved thousands of noise issues in and around construction sites. The unique abilities of these products allow for simple high performance noise reduction solutions for the common noises associated with new construction. For site noise, our patented AWSP’s not only act as a sound isolation barrier, but also have a high level of sound absorption. This aids in reducing the overall noise level near the workers and around the work area. Small, attractive, sustainable walls can be created to visually and audibly conceal unsightly construction processes. AWSP’s have a NRC of 1.0 and a STC of 30. They work extremely well on a wide band of frequencies and have a very high TL at critical frequency ranges that humans are acutely sensitive to.

If your budget commands a more cost effective solution, AF-6 can fit the bill. Acoustifence is a 1/8” thick, flexible barrier with some unique attributes; Acoustifence has high levels of internal damping. This means it dissipates the sound energy within its own mass extremely well. Just add it to an existing construction fence and hear the magic. On average, a line of sight noise source can typically be cut in half. This reduction is frequency dependent and sometimes can be much more or less.

Please call us to speak with a construction noise specialist to help you with a noise reduction system for your specific situation.

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Commercial Construction Applications

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