Kitchen Noise

This room seems to be the place where people come together. Unfortunately when you place a bunch of people in a closed space with hard shiny surfaces it gets loud real fast! Let’s face it; it’s a tough space to keep quiet. There are some small insider tricks you can apply that may help make this a more comfortable get together area and reduce the noise level of those pots and pans being jostled around.Let’s talk about areas that you don’t see. On the top and underneath cabinets, and underneath tables, are all perfect spots to apply absorption materials. Quiet Fiber (QF-2) is a perfect material to place in these areas to help prevent reflection build up. By reducing reflection build up, the space will sound quieter and people will not have to raise their voices as much when carrying on a conversation.

In some situations where kitchens may have a coffered ceiling, QF-2 can be inserted into the sunken spaces called (caissons) these areas are usually parallel to the floor and by inserting QF-2 absorption material you gain major area absorption of one of the largest reflective planes in the space.

QF-2 is flexible enough to install in lots of places. If you dislike hearing your waterline fill the icemaker constantly, place QF-2 on the wall behind your refrigerator. This eliminates the first reflective point and absorbs all the frequencies that come from the filler.

If you have an abnormally loud garbage disposal, place some QF-2 under the sink to reduce some of the noise off the disposal.

Understanding this principle, you can see there are lots of ways to create a cozy atmosphere in almost any room. If you need to speak with a home noise specialist, please call us. We are happy to help you.

Kitchen Noise

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