AWSP Residential AC Barrier

All Weather Sound Panel Residential AC Barrier Project

AWSP Residential AC Barrier

AWSP Residential AC Barrier – Acoustiblok Inc. was contacted to resolve a noise issue with a residential AC unit that was bothering a next door neighbor.

A 12′ tall panel barrier was installed to attenuate noise for the neighbor and 12′ tall panels were installed on either side of the AC unit to prevent noise from coming into the house through the window.  The customer was very pleased with the results and has received no further complaints from the neighbors.

If you are experiencing a similar problem with the noise from your own AC unit bothering your neighbors or yourself, just give us a call. You can talk to one of our noise abatement representatives and learn about designing a custom noise abatement solution to meet your needs and provide some much needed peace and quiet, for both yourself and the neighbors around you.

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