Harley Davidson Noise Barrier

AWSP® Event Tent Noise Barrier Project

Harley Davidson Noise Barrier

Harley Davidson Motor Company needed noise barriers that were strong and could be utilized on-the-road at their company events held in large tents across the USA. After consulting with Acoustiblok, they decided on Acoustiblok’s All Weather Sound Panels (AWSP’s).

The AWSP’s were installed in the middle of the tent (as shown) as well as around two AC units (not shown) to create a pleasant ambience inside the pavilion.

These innovative sound panels (STC 29-35, NRC 1.00) were originally designed to withstand the harsh environments of offshore drilling rigs and are considered by many to be the most advanced sound panels anywhere (the panels have been tested to withstand up to a 367-mph wind load). They are entirely welded aluminum, washable, 0-smoke/flame and hydrophobic.

Patented Acoustifence noise barrier was also used behind the top curtains to reduce any noise leaking over the panels. Just 1/8-inch thin, Acoustifence material was recently tested at Hurricane Engineering/Test Lab to withstand up to a 200-mph wind load. It’s also reusable, easily rolled up and stored. Harley Davidson was very pleased with the results and continues to utilize both products at their events.