AWSP Residential AC Perimeter Enclosure

All Weather Sound Panel® Residential AC Perimeter Enclosure Project

Residential AC Perimeter Enclosure

Residential AC Perimeter Enclosure – Acoustiblok Inc. was contacted to help this customer resolve a noise issue with two residential AC units. A four sided enclosure was installed using our All Weather Sound Panels. The new enclosure was able to resolve the issue with noise from the AC unit traveling inside the house and it was able to mitigate the noise that was being heard by the neighbors.

During construction, the end panel was hinged to make an access door for easy maintenance on the AC unit.  For aesthetic purposes, the panels were painted so they would match the house.  The customer expressed a high level of satisfaction at the reduction in noise for himself and his neighbors.  He has had no complaints since the All Weather Sound Panels were installed.

If you have a similar problem with noise from an AC unit, give us a call and talk with one of our representatives about designing a custom solution to meet your own noise abatement needs.

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