Office Project Specifies Acoustiblok®

Executive Office Space Noise Reduction Project

Office Project Specifies Acoustiblok

Office Project Specifies Acoustiblok – Acoustiblok Inc. was contacted regarding an executive office construction project, which is standard when the engineer of the office project specifies Acoustiblok.  Acoustiblok was installed on the metal studs, Putty Pad was applied behind each of the electrical boxes, all of the penetrations were sealed with Acousticaulk and the seams were taped down with Acoustigrip Tape.

It was important to their client to ensure that the conversations which took place in the offices were confidential and this abatement solution provides the confidentiality they require.

If you have an issue with sound traveling in your executive offices, give us a call and talk to one of our noise abatement specialists to create a solution that meets your needs.

Office Project Specifies Acoustiblok