Acoustiblok Rescues Construction Project

AWSP® Construction Site Noise Reduction Project

Acoustiblok Rescues Construction Project – Acoustiblok came to our rescue on a residential construction project we had just started. We were required to run a large and very loud diesel motor 24 hours a day to remove ground water during our initial foundation excavation. This project was located in a prestigious neighborhood and the neighbors weren’t going to put up with it. In fact, one neighbor had called the local building department and reported us, prompting a local inspector to visit our site.

We needed a way to quiet the motor, but we thought getting the noise level to 55dB was nearly impossible – until we decided to call Acoustiblok. We described the situation to L.J. and he thought they could fix the problem and meet the city’s noise ordinance requirements. Within hours an Acoustiblok rep was on our job site taking decibel readings and arranging the noise-reducing Acoustiblok All Weather Sound Panels around the noisy diesel motor. After a few adjustments, we were getting noise levels of 52-54dB. In fact, it was so quiet, simply a bird chirping during the noise level testing was pushing the dB meter into the 58-60dB range! They were also able to provide documentation to our local inspector who was extremely impressed with our solution. The Acoustiblok rep also personally talked to the neighbor who originally called the building department and they were very grateful for the quick response and the professionalism of the solution. Thank you Acoustiblok for saving our project!

Brandon Boss and Graham Mennie
Boss & Mennie, Inc.

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Acoustiblok Rescues Construction Project