Commercial Shoppes Noise Barrier

AcoustiFence® Noise Barrier Project

Commercial Shoppes Noise Barrier

Commercial Shoppes Noise Barrier – Acoustiblok was contacted by Property Management at this commercial shopping center in Roswell, Georgia about quieting the noise behind the shopping center caused by the trucks in and out of the loading docks, and the constant flow of vehicular traffic that was disturbing nearby residential neighbors.

After discussing the situation with an Acoustiblok consultant, they selected Acoustiblok’s patented Acoustifence because of its excellent reputation.  The customer said, “The installation went well, and the fence looks beautiful. We installed 260-feet of fence (8-feet high) and Acoustifence curtains in only three days. We used all schedule 40 materials including the top rail of the fence. We also put a heavy gauge tension wire at the bottom and in the middle of the fence to hold the panels in place in case of strong winds and for stability. We secured the panels to the bottom tension wire with the steel ties you provided.

It was really a simple, and quick process; I would definitely recommend it to customers.”

Acoustifence is made and sourced in the USA, enviro-friendly, UV-resistant, and 100% recyclable. Unlike a concrete block wall, it actually flexes with certain frequencies—in the process of sound waves physically moving it, the product transforms sound wave energy into inaudible internal friction energy.  Only1/8-inch thin, Acoustifence material is so remarkable it was recently awarded a US patent, and just tested at Hurricane Engineering/Test Lab to withstand up to a 200-mph wind load. (Acoustifence is a barium-free propriety formula of Acoustiblok Inc.)