Redwood Acres Raceway Noise

AcoustiFence® Raceway Noise Reduction Project

Redwood Acres Raceway Noise – EUREKA – At Redwood Acres Raceway, they are taking steps to keep the noise down.

Workers have started installing a fence to suppress the noise of auto racing, incorporating AcoustiFence® noise reducing fences to provide the noise suppression.

Managers of the race track began installing the sound barrier to respond to complaints from Eureka residents. The neighbors complained about the noise from the race cars negatively impacting the peace and quiet of their homes.

The $8000 project is being financed by local companies and should be done for weekend racing. Redwood Acres is prepared to expand the sound barrier if necessary.

If you have a similar problem, contact Acoustiblok and allow one of our representatives to help you with the development of a custom solution to meet your sound attenuation needs.  From outdoor sound barriers (fencing and panel), to interior noise attenuation, we have the products and solutions to get the job done.

Redwood Acres Raceway Noise