Eastern Metal Supply Air Exhaust Noise Barrier

All Weather Sound Panel & AcoustiFence Noise Reduction Project

Air Exhaust Noise Barrier

Air Exhaust Noise Barrier – Acoustiblok Inc. was contacted by Eastern Metal Supply, Inc., in Lakeland Florida about some equipment noise issues at their facility.  They spoke with an Acoustiblok noise abatement specialist about the problem and they were able to develop a solution to resolve the issues.

Industrial All Weather Sound Panels® were installed on 3-sides of the air exhaust (vacuum system) from a polishing room inside the fabrication shop. In addition, AcoustiFence® was installed inside the fence to reduce the noise from an air compressor. The sound abatement installation decreased the dB in the area from approximately 100dB to 74dB. Per the customer:

“We are very happy with the results. For the little work we’ve done, the noise reduction is surprisingly good.”

If noise from air exhausts or compressors are giving you trouble, call us and talk to one of our noise abatement specialists.  We can design a custom solution to meet your needs as well.