Why Acoustiblok?

What is Acoustiblok?

Acoustiblok is a revolutionary sound proofing material that is expected to have a major impact on noise abatement worldwide.

Acoustiblok was recently presented the John Connell Technology and Innovation Award from the U.K. Department of Environmental Food and Environmental Affairs by DEFRA Minister Lord Whitty of Camberwell at a House of Commons ceremony.  The Technology and Innovation Award was presented to Acoustiblok U.K. Managing Director Mike Ervine for the company’s revolutionary sound proofing material; which was hailed by award judges as a revolutionary step in noise abatement for both the workplace and at home.

“It is a real pleasure for me to present this year’s John Connell Award for Technology to Acoustiblok UK for its insulating material Acoustiblok, which manages to be both very thin and effective at blocking sound,” Lord Whitty said.

“I believe it will make an important contribution to controlling noise and, in so doing, improving life for many people.”

Only three millimeters thick, Acoustiblok offers a sound reduction index (SRI) of 26 decibels – six decibels more effective than lead. It was introduced to the UK by Ervine, who impressed NAS judges with his exceptional spirit of enterprise and creativity. Acoustiblok, which can be applied to existing buildings as well as new build projects, was also judged for its feasibility and environmental impact.

“Tackling noise pollution is a priority for government and also for the public,” Ervine said. “I believe that we should do all we can to encourage and reward innovative approaches like Acoustiblok to better control noise.  What makes Acoustiblok stand alone from other sound reduction materials is that it has such tremendous density and mass, and yet takes up such minimal space – a crucial factor in the design and construction industry.”

“Most people I speak to with noise problems would like to greatly reduce the decibel levels but either cannot afford the amount of room needed to insulate adequately using other sound proofing methods, or indeed bear the financial costs associated with noise abatement. Now I’m glad to say, Acoustiblok offers them a competitive solution on both cost and space, and with unrivaled decibel impact.”

Acoustiblok is made from a reinforced, flexible mineral-filled material that has a density and mass of 1-lb. per square foot. It contains no lead or asbestos, is mold and mildew resistant, impervious to water and moisture, highly flexible, non-corrosive, UV resistant, and is also U.L. classified in the U.S.

Why Acoustiblok?