Food Processing Plant Noise Reduction Project

Food Processing Plant Reduces Noise with Sound Barrier

Food Processing Plant Project

Food Processing Plant Project – Acoustiblok was contacted by a food processing plant to provide noise relief for their neighbors in response to a sound violation noise complaint.  Their facility exceeded the regulatory sound limit by as much as 16dB at certain frequencies.

To resolve the problem, Acoustiblok recommended a solution that incorporated an All Weather Sound Panel noise enclosure and an Acoustifence hanging barrier that was installed in vertical sections.  The customer is very pleased with the results and told us they have been cleared of their sound violation.  The county has closed the complaint against the company because the solution has reduced the sound to the ambient noise level.

Below is a chart that shows the regulatory limits on sound by frequency, the sound level before the treatment, the sound level with only the Acoustifence “tarps” and finally with the panel enclosure.

Alma Noise Reduction Chart