Whisper Room Acoustic Booth

Acoustiblok® Audio Booth Studio Project

Whisper Room Acoustic Booth

Whisper Room Acoustic Booth – “The frame studs made a room in a room, sitting on 3/8” rubber to isolate the booth from the floor. Once the insulation was in, I screwed Acoustiblok to the ceiling, floor & every wall, sealing the seams with Acoustiblok sealant & tape. I also double walled the door, with Acoustiblok in between the panels.

I then attached carpeted wall panels (5/8 OSB) on top of the walls/floor/ceiling, installed acoustic foam, LED lights, and carpeting to finish. The “box” under shelf in back is where I point the saxophone when I play, it even further quiets everything.

The booth also has intake and exhaust fans outside, to circulate air. The booth stays nice & cool, and because the fans are outside there is no fan noise in the booth.

The end result exceeded my expectations in every way. It sounds great inside, and more importantly the volume outside the booth is more than cut in half. The sound reduction outside the booth is amazing!! Inside the booth is about 105dB when I practice and outside the booth it is 55dB! A huge difference!! Better than I hoped!!”

– Dan Hulgas
Fort Myers, Florida

Acoustiblok Whisper Room Acoustic Booth