Boat Owners Love Acoustiblok

Acoustiblok® Boat Engine Noise Reduction Project

Boat Owners Love Acoustiblok

Boat Owners Love Acoustiblok – CINCINNATI, Ohio, June 10 – Summer is here, and, boating enthusiasts everywhere are flocking to the waterways, ready for some relaxing fun in the sun and waves. The idyllic vision of lazy days spent cruising on the water are often met with the unexpected reality of engine noise so loud, conversation becomes impossible and the noise itself becomes an assault on the senses, not to mention the impact on wildlife and local residents living within earshot of the waterfront.

Cincinnati residents Roy and Chris Emerson couldn’t wait to hit the water last August in their newly purchased Yamaha SX230, a 320-horsepower, 23-foot, high output designed for luxury and performance, the perfect craft for spending a comfortable day on Brookville Lake in Cincinnati. What the Emersons didn’t realize until after they launched was the unbearable noise emanating from the boat’s dual engines, a high decibel whine that resonated up through the cabin floor area. The Emersons had to shout in order to carry on a conversation, and the relentless blare cut seriously into the couple’s enjoyment.

The thrill of spending recreational time on the water quickly turned sour. “My wife said she didn’t know if she could deal with the noise,” Emerson said. Since the Emersons bought their boat late in the summer, Roy Emerson had the entire winter to research noise reduction options for marine applications.

“I belong to a group of Yamaha jet boaters, and I asked some of the other members if they had found any noise reduction material that worked,” Emerson said.

“Almost everyone who had tried one solution or another told me they were disappointed with the results, but one guy had used Acoustiblok on the sides of the engine wall, and he said it worked great.

“It was the only noise reduction product that anyone could tell me worked on boats, so I decided I had to try it.”

Boat Owners Love Acoustiblok

Emerson purchased the 3mm Acoustiblok material with the help of an Acoustiblok sales consultant. Emerson custom measured, cut, and applied the material himself to the sides of the engine wall, the top of the engine cover, and the large cover that fit over the gas tank area.

The result, Emerson said, is a boat so quiet, he and his wife can talk, relax, and enjoy their weekend boating getaways without the rattle, roar, and reverberation that had severely detracted from the enjoyment of their boating experience and caused them to second-guess their choice of recreation.

Emerson completed the project just in time to enjoy the entire summer cruising and relaxing on the waters of Brookville Lake and Lake Cumberland in Somerset, Kentucky, two of the couple’s favorite boating spots.

“The change was immediate,” Emerson said of the couple’s first trip out on the boat after the Acoustiblok installation. “Now we’re experiencing the fun and recreational boating lifestyle we envisioned when we first decided to buy the boat.”