Upscale Apartments Offer Acoustiblok®

Acoustiblok Upscale Apartment Noise Abatement Project

Upscale Apartments Offer Acoustiblok

Upscale Apartments Offer Acoustiblok – HOBOKEN, New Jersey – Residents of the Lexington apartments in Hoboken enjoy more than the usual amenities that are part and parcel in most upscale residences: tranquility.

When construction was completed on the upscale, 49-unit Lexington in 2008, it wasn’t the granite countertops, the stainless appliances or even the hardwood floors that set a new standard in quality living for its residents. In fact, it’s what they can’t see – or hear – that makes their living spaces exceptional.

Acoustiblok® sound abatement material installed under the drywall and subfloor during construction of the Lexington provides an environment that is void of the ambient noise often associated with apartment living. Lexington tenants won’t hear their neighbor’s TV, conversations or clamor to get out the door in the morning. What they will hear is the silence that quality noise abatement material installed beneath the visible surfaces of their homes provides.

Having Acoustiblok as a feature is a boost to Realtor Basil Skaltsis, who finds tenants for the Lexington. Skaltsis says that most high-end apartment seekers expect a high level of privacy, and since tenants tend to speak up only when there’s a problem, the lack of complaints about noise speaks volumes.

“No one has made any noise complaints ever since the building opened,” Skaltsis says. “But you have to keep in mind that maybe they don’t think about noise because they don’t have it.

“Until you’ve lived below someone whose child has a Big Wheel, or next door to someone whose radio can be heard in your own space, you’re probably not going to worry about noise abatement. In this particular building, no one mentions sound abatement because it’s something they don’t have to think about.”

UL approved Acoustiblok is a unique soundproofing material that took years to develop. Just one thin 1/8-inch layer of Acoustiblok in a standard stud wall and on top of subflooring can reduce more sound than 12-inches of concrete. The soft flexible material is 4.5-feet wide and is available in 30, 60, or 350-foot rolls.

Acoustiblok is usually stapled or screwed to studs before dry walling. It is a proprietary formula, heavy mineral filled, viscoelastic polymer that is easily cut with a utility knife. While other materials attempt to ” block” or “absorb” sound the heavy, limp Acoustiblok material vibrates from the sound, actually transforming the acoustical energy into inaudible friction energy in a process sometimes referred to as “isothermal adiabatic.” Lead, previously considered the best soundproofing, works on precisely the same basis and has exactly the same STC rating. Unlike lead, Acoustiblok is eco-friendly, moisture and mold resistant, and contains no harmful pollutants.

Set in the heart of the tony Columbus Park area of Hoboken, each apartment in the Lexington offers an oasis from the hustle and bustle of the city while allowing its residents the convenience and perks that come with living in a cosmopolitan setting. The brand name of choice for quality acoustical aesthetics, Acoustiblok is available worldwide, is easily installed and will last the life of the building. Install it once, and enjoy the quiet for a lifetime. For more information, visit our website at, e-mail us at [email protected], or call us at 813-980.1400.