Pool Pump Noise Reduction Project

Quieting a Loud Pool Pump

Pool Pump Noise Reduction – On February 17 2018 Peter Ditsch inquired about our patented All Weather Sound Panels.  Acoustical representative Kamy Mansoorian contacted Peter to collect some information about the source of the noise problem and the surrounding area.  Peter informed him that he had an outdoor dining patio which was separated by a wooden louver panel from a few loud pool pumps.  These pumps were so loud that they could not enjoy dining out there.

Based on the layout of the area it was determined that Acoustiblok’s All Weather Sound Panels would be a perfect choice for this application.  Four sections were ordered and installed around the pumps behind the wooden louver panel and Peter is very pleased with the results.

“We installed the Panels and are excited about the result.  We eliminated all the annoying pool pump nosies around our outdoor dining area.  The noise level has been reduced enormously.  Thank you!”

– Peter Ditsch

Pool Pump Noise Reduction