Dominican Republic Chiller Screen

Acoustiblok® & QuietFiber® Dominican Chiller Barrier Project

Dominican Republic Chiller Screen

Dominican Republic Chiller Screen – Acoustiblok, Inc. was contacted by EDELCA in the Dominican Republic about a noise issue with a chiller. After speaking with one of our noise abatement specialists they were able to develop a solution.

A sound barrier was installed using Acoustiblok & QuietFiber to create a sound absorption barrier. The top needed to be cantilevered to provide sound attenuation to the elevated balconies behind the chiller.

Per the customer: “The results are Amazing! All the neighbors are satisfied with the noise reductions and you can not even notice that the machine is turned on.”

If you have a problem with the noise from a chiller, give us a call and talk to one of our noise abatement specialists to develop a solution that meets your needs.