Industrial Blower Enclosure Project

Acoustiblok® & QuietFiber® Blower Enclosure Noise Reduction Project

Blower Enclosure Project Example

Industrial Blower Enclosure Project – Edelca Inc. in the Dominican Republic contacted Acoustiblok, Inc. for help quieting a high velocity blower for a lab facility.  After speaking with one of our noise abatement specialists, they developed a solution using both Acoustiblok and QuietFiber.

Acoustiblok was added to the inside of the louvered structure first and then QuietFiber to provide sound absorption.  Even with a portion of the louvers left open the noise level went from 80dB to 62dB 1meter away outside the enclosure – over 71% reduction!

The customer stated: “We are amazed at how well the products work; when the project was half way done we could already hear a difference – its Amazing!”

If you have a problem with the noise from a high velocity blower, give us a call and talk to one of our noise abatement specialists to develop a solution that meets your needs.

Blower Enclosure Project Example