Multi-Million Dollar Problem

AWSP® Construction Site Pump Noise Reduction Project

$6.2 Million Dollar Problem

When the suppliers of the high power pumps at Coastal De-Watering were called in to drain footers on a $6.2 million dollar custom home construction site, they also had to solve a noise problem. Water from the nearby bay was seeping into the footers before the concrete could adequately set up. When the pumps was turned on the neighbors complained about the noise, especially when it was explained that it would be needed 24/7 for at least three days.

The temporary installation of Acoustiblok Industrial All Weather Sound Panels was completed in less than 1 hour and the sound reduction was dramatic. At the pump the sound was reduced from 90.7 dbs to 71.5 dbs. At the lot line where the neighbors had complained the sound was reduced from 62.3 dB to less than 52 dB. This is a reduction of about 50% in audible sound.

“We are reviewing purchase of these panels to take to every job—you’re damn right they’re good.”

Rick Jans
Chief Mechanic
Coastal De-Watering
Tampa Florida

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Multi-Million Dollar Problem

Multi-Million Dollar Problem