Heater Noise Solved

Acoustiblok® & QuietFiber® Heater Noise Project

Heater Noise Solved

Heater Noise Solved – I just wanted to send you some pictures of how I dealt with my neighbors noisy heater unit that was outdoors and not inside their basement like mine.

After doing a lot of research, I realized your company was the best one out there that might help me cut down on the terrible low frequency noise and vibration that was ruining my sleep. I have no idea at all how these companies can make air-conditioning and heater units for the outside of the house that can totally bother any neighbors nearby. But all I can say is thank God I found out about your company!

I can’t thank you enough on walking me through everything that I needed to do and helping me figure out the installation. It was a piece of cake and after putting up the fence, I was done with the Acoustiblok and all of the QuietFiber in about an hour. It was so easy and went just like I had hoped!

Your materials made a huge difference as the noise from next door is so much less that I can’t even believe it. I was dreaming about a product like this for the past year and I’m so happy that I decided to do research on the web and found you guys!! You have been fantastic to deal with and life in our home is now going to be considerably different and so much better because of you and your company!!!

I cannot thank you enough!!!!!

Have a great 2013!

Scott Stulberg
Sedona, Arizona

Heater Noise Solved

Acoustiblok provides more than just materials, we provide solutions to your noise abatement problems by analyzing your specific problem and devising a solution that is tailored to your need.  Do you have a similar need? Contact us today!