Acoustiblok Children’s Home Wallcover Donation

Wallcover® Donation Quiets Home for Children

Children’s Home Wallcover Donation – Tampa-based Acoustiblok, Inc. has donated its noise reducing Acoustiblok Wallcover® material to the Bellewood Home for Children in Anchorage Kentucky, to block noise from the campus’s multi-machine laundry room from passing through a common wall and into the facility’s therapy room. Installation of the Acoustiblok Wallcover effectively reduced noise in the therapy room by 10 decibels, which translates to a perceived volume reduction of 50 percent.

The donated Acoustiblok Wallcover was installed last week as part of a large-scale project to restore and improve the facility’s five residential cottages, recreational areas and common buildings, and to improve safety and enhance Bellewood Home’s village setting.

For 163 years, Bellewood Home has provided a safe haven for thousands of abused, neglected and homeless children from across Kentucky.

Lahnie Johnson, President and Founder of Acoustiblok, Inc., says he is proud that the company was able to contribute the noise blocking qualities of Acoustiblok Wallcover to the ambitious renovation project at Bellewood.

“When you have noise from commercial machines such as those in the facility’s laundry room passing through a common wall into the therapy room, it can be detrimental to the children’s therapeutic or remedial treatments,” Johnson says. “Noise is known to cause a myriad of problems in therapeutic settings, including stress, inability to focus, and other problems.

“This is a wonderful use of Acoustiblok Wallcover, and the community volunteers on the Bellewood renovation project were able to use it because it could be installed directly over the existing drywall, so no demolition or costly construction process was required.”

For more information on Acoustiblok Wallcover or any of Acoustiblok’s noise abatement products, visit the Acoustiblok website, Email [email protected], or call 813-940-1800.

Children's Home Wallcover Donation

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Acoustiblok, Inc., a NASA spin-off company, has been providing high quality noise abatement products since 1998, earning the industry’s highest ratings from architects, builders, and consumers. Acoustiblok is a proprietary viscoelastic polymer material with a high density mineral content, heavy and yet extremely flexible.