Four-Story Plus Basement Townhouse

Acoustiblok® Townhouse Basement Noise Reduction Project

I’ve got this big four-story-plus-basement townhouse in Washington DC. It’s 90 years old and accommodates me plus two girls and a boy between 11 and 15, my wife, two dogs and a cat. A recipe for chaos, right? YES. No place to hide from the teenage skirmishing, the latest music, the latest movies and all the associated hassles.

Four months ago in desperation I tore out the basement to the four walls and within the space created my own personal apartment. Thanks to careful and liberal use of Acoustiblok, it’s a refuge that’s all but soundproof. Unbelievable.

Now, as I sit isolated in the evening with a glass of wine and a good book, I know that upstairs on a couple of floors the usual mayhem is playing out. From down here there’s a murmur for background and that’s it.

I smile quietly to myself. Thank you people, I’ve regained a measure of sanity.

John Fielding, A Happy Homeowner

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Four-Story Plus Basement Townhouse

Four-Story Plus Basement Town House